This Over That provides the methods and tools to embrace what matters most, helping you define your life strategies, your This Over That.



The mission of This Over That is to help individuals and organizations achieve what matters most to them by creating mechanisms in their daily practice to turn intention, possibility and opportunity into meaningful action.



Kelly Jo is a creative strategy consultant, experience designer, and independent scholar. She is passionate about helping individuals and organizations employ their strengths, explore new future visions, and find untapped and unexpected opportunities.

She thinks science is pretty awesome, the word experimental makes most anything irresistible, and stories are the best currency. She loves big messy systems and a good dose of uncertainty. Her work focuses on what the future could be like for services, experiences, and behaviors. She helps organizations, communities, and individuals understand their strengths, embrace their values, envision their future and become the best versions of themselves. She has worked with IBM, DaimlerChrysler, Nike, the Red Cross and many other organizations.


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